Executive Functions


Food to Heal creates meals that improve our client’s physical & mental wellness, right through our meals. Our food science targets flavors and neurotransmitter activation/deactivation. We tested our meals on ourselves, friends, and teammates from high-performing jobs.  We’ve targeted executive functions specifically through the lens of mental health to target behaviors that help us accomplish our daily tasks at work and at home.


Why switch? By eating a healthy meal only designed for your bodies, our brains become chemically unbalanced. This causes negative effects felt, not only during the meal but for hours to come. Food to Heal provides balance to satiate your mind and body requirements by targeting each meal to how you feel, and in turn, what your body asks for. The balance of the meal flavors satiates your cravings and boost your chosen executive function.  



Through food science and focused flavor combinations, we provide a delicious, healthy meal – a concept most will have to taste to believe! Take the quiz below to find out what executive functions best fit your lifestyle and feel the effects of the meals for yourself!