Why Entrepreneurs Can Choose Cliffs Instead Of Looking Ahead

Being an entrepreneur is often seen through the lens of success, the ones who “made it.” The statistics say only 20% of startups survive their first year of operations; only 10% reach 5 years, and just over 3% make it to their 10 year anniversary. What about the ones who failed? What is their story and how can we learn from them? To be a successful business, the best way to move forward is to learn how to cope with the failures and difficulties that obstruct your path. Above all, persistence and determined due diligence -- checking out the history behind applications you might use & financial feasibility – will lead you to the path of success.
When we start a new project, or business, we have certain expectations and a theory about the steps we’ll need to take. More often than not, we underestimate the effort and complexity of our situations and as a result, overestimate our responses to these events. Why? We as people tend to imagine ourselves as we want to be, not as we are currently. This is where the real challenge starts.
In this situation, people tend to isolate themselves, thinking no one can understand their hardships, and that the only true solution is to run from your fear. The question “how’s it going” can be a deterrent because we don’t yet have a positive answer. A better question might be, how do I avoid the cliff? How can I look ahead? Don’t dismay, there are always solutions!
1: Take A Breath: A long deep breath and hold it as long as possible before letting it out slowly. This is a form of short meditation, a way to center your thoughts. This simple but often ignored action can help clear your mind and let you think about your obstacles in a calm calculated fashion.
2: Your Emotions Need To Be Expressed: If you need to cry, cry! The ability to express your emotions has been proven to release stress. The more we bottle something up inside the more stress and pressure we carry. By releasing this stress, via writing or watching heartwarming videos to quell your frustration, you can take the extra energy you were devoting to stress and fuel your new project/business.
3: Make Time For Yourself: Starting a company is time-consuming and stressful if you neglect yourself your project/business will struggle. Remember, you were brave enough to start this venture, without your energy and motivation to succeed who will make your ideas a reality? You may not need much, the little things in life can make all the difference. For example, on a daily basis, you could take an hour to self-reflect, productive hobbies, exercise, or just spending time with friends.  These activities will improve your vision on your entrepreneurial journey and leave you with a positive outlook. A good mood increases your concentration, self-esteem, and health. All this for a small part of your day! Remember eating can be a break and a boost with food science.
4: What You Eat Fuels Your Day: With healthy meals, 3x a day and a reduction of our vices, such as alcohol or tobacco consumption, your body will change in a positive dramatic fashion to confront your difficulties with ease. When you have proper nutrition, your focus increases and creates the “Reward” perspective in your mind. This increases your efficiency and as alcohol acts as a depressant on our minds, the less we drink the more active we will be both physically and mentally.
5: Find Some Company: A new pet or an old friend provides a great remedy against depression. Pets give you companionship, admiration, love, and care with very few expectations. Most importantly, they love you without limit or condition. People are built to understand one another and your longtime friends are interested in your well-being.
By taking one step at a time you can take this difficult path with these tips at your side as an aide, making your destination that much closer by the day. Success may not happen overnight, but with the right nutrition to give you a focused and energized mindset. Solutions will be found and an obstacle overcome, making you one step closer to your ultimate goal.