Wellness Journey

The Journey Behind the Business
Have you ever wondered about the story behind the business? What leads a founder to pursue the challenge of a startup company? For some people, it may be about the money, an idea, a passion, an experience or something personal. Whatever your reason may be, the most important thing you must know if you want to start a business of your own is to have a strong motivation to guide you to make your goal happen. Food To Heal began with Nika Chandramohans’ (our CEO) passion for food science.

Nika’s journey began


… in early childhood, she grew up in a boarding school, was diagnosed with ADHD, and later on anxiety and depression. By the age of 10, she was on 3 different kinds of medications to keep her mood and actions in balance. Because of this, she was known as the “Odd Ball” and was bullied constantly.


Nika’s curious nature lead her to one day notice a trend going on around the school. People were making homemade keychains, a bit of a fad admittedly, and of course, the more you had the cooler you were. This drew Nika to her first entrepreneurial move: making and selling them. Each keychain had something different added to make them stand out, for example, a tiny bell added at the end of it. With her creative hook, sales took off, through the roof and beyond. Nika had never been so popular and had better sleep. Better yet, her sleep was anxiety free.


This venture was fun while it lasted, however, selling on school grounds was forbidden, as a result, Nika was suspended from school. The experience left her with an important lesson and as her principal said: “Although you broke the rules, you have a way of making things – great things; don’t forget that”.


As time went on, Nika kept on struggling with her ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Self-harming, eating disorders and a suicide attempt, alongside the recovering in the hospital and rigorous psychotherapy, made her realize there were other people suffering just like herself. She wasn’t alone and she could do something about it. Nika started being active in the kitchen after watching Gordon Ramsay’s story. She thought that maybe if she could find something with food, she could then help herself and others. Nika had just found her motivation.



Traveling Helps


Through traveling, Nika discovered how different cultures embraced food, how ancestral food healed people mentally and physically, and how Samurais were strong mentally even in their worst circumstances. She saw which food groups created balance. In this, she found questions and answers that drove her across the globe finding recipes.


Nika noticed how most people lived a busy, rushed lifestyle. People ate fast, easy, unhealthy meals and they preferred these meals over nutritional mind and body meals. Nika’s research led her to discover the reason behind rising suicide rates, exhaustion, stress, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders; bad nutrition.



The Eureka Moment


This astonishing realization made Food To Heal a reality. Our goal is to create mind and body recipes, usually made in 30 minutes, that focus on maintaining and recuperating the hormonal balance of your mind. At F T H, we have made our top priority in designing and creating delicious, healthy meals. We hope to reduce the shameful numbers of unnecessary illness through convenient, individually tailored meals!


A startup is never easy, Food To Heal failed three times. Did Nika give up? No, she learned from her experiences, and the fourth time, the company began with structure and proper execution. She learned that even with a defined methodology, the need to pivot may occur. The need to pivot became apparent and Nika pivoted. She needed to reduce the number of social gatherings she attended, and proper rest time was also part of the challenge. The key to the whole endeavor she realized, was to surround herself with people who were like-minded.



The Lesson Behind It All


Regardless of your background, difficulties, or setbacks, you can always learn from every single event and be inspired by the parts that worked. You can discover personal interests and let these interests motivate you into a career or business venture and, this is key – PERSEVERE! Keep moving forward because, as Neil Armstrong said when he first landed on the moon, “One step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.


Here at Food To Heal, we take this message in stride. We are moving forward, learning, and growing. Remember, even growing a little, you’re already one step ahead. Our words to you? Be brave and take that first step, you won’t look back!