We adapt to your life, not the other way around

Decisions & Eating Habits
When we think about making decisions to improve your life, specifically eating habits, we see drastic and sacrificial changes that are often pleasant. This feeling creates a lack of loyalty to a consistent wellness journey. If we see a journey as unpleasant, we as people will be unlikely to stay on that journey. Some common perceptions of healthy eating habits see a commitment to wellness as time-consuming, expensive, and many nights of flavorless meals. While these perceptions might have been true in the past, new discoveries in food science have allowed exciting new advances to improve our lives in convenient packaging. How can you achieve the benefits of a wholesome meal without constant attention and devotion to your wellness journey?
Food To Heal
Let Food To Heal take the lead by easing your way into a better, healthier lifestyle with delicious prepackaged meals designed to give you the boost you always hoped to achieve.
Our meals are designed to incorporate the most advanced food science research and to give your mind and body a boost across executive functions board. Each meal is created to ensure your mood, brain activity, and energy are in perfect harmony, providing you with a boost of your choosing, to achieve your daily goals both in and out of the office. The best part, all our meals are delicious!
Our Modern Lives & Food Science
Our modern lives are frantic and busy, we decided the food world needed to adapt to our lives. We deliver in bulk to your office pantries, grocery stores, and cafes for easily accessible, healthy meals. Do you find your day increasing in stress with no relief in sight? Need a performance boost at work? Food To Heal meals are designed to help you relax and lower cortisol levels. Let food science do the work and get the best out of every meal. Our menu is broken down by executive function, our Executive Tomatoes (Sleep, Mood, Stress, Energy, Memory, Sleep, & Focus) let you pick your area to improvement or relieve. 
Modern food science has shown the food that we consume can impact the way we see life, our performance at work, even how we feel. One simple change can make our busy modern lives, healthy. A wellness journey is an investment in your future. The food you fuel your mind and body with can slow the aging process, increase energy, your mood, and mental processing ability. In short, the longer you eat our meals, the better you will feel. 
Specific Diets & Food Allergies
Do you have specific dietary requirements or food allergies that normally make finding healthy meals options nearly impossible? Are you a picky eater? Have you given up finding meals that fit your wants and needs? Do you wholeheartedly believe that all delicious meals are high in fat and sugar? Try one of our meals! We hope to exceed and expand your expectations! Without asking you to sacrifice the way you live your life, we make sure you get the nutrition you need.
When we say that Food To Heal adapts to your busy life and not the other way around, we mean it. We meet every dietary requirement and food allergy specification. Each month has a new meal selection, designed around seasonal needs, no repeats for a year! We think you will be pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of amazing meals we provide. Maybe, over time, you’ll find yourself forgetting unhealthy meals without benefit exist at all…
Does your office have a communal kitchen? Would you like to fill your own refrigerator with our meals? We offer delicious healthy meals in bulk for your office or home. Found in grocery stores and cafes in New York area very soon! Office meal delivery available now! Did we miss something? Feel free to reach out and tell us your comments or concerns. We listen to every single comment in order to further adapt and incorporate new ideas, making each meal better than the last. Our mission is to give you the most from your food, with less effort. Smart food, for smart people. 
We understand the difficulties of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today’s world and we are always developing new methods and recipes to give you the boost you deserve. Watch our social media for updates!