Travel with energy while on a budget!

Vacation time at last!
Everything is new, exotic, and fascinating. Amongst your adventures you hear a familiar rumble deep in your stomach, hunger. Eating healthy while traveling seems to be nearly impossible yet many of us make an effort to stay healthy and stay within our budget. So the question is, how exactly do we accomplish this task?
Travel Secrets
Fortunately, our CEO, Nika Chandramohan has traveled the world and is eager to share some of her experiences and tips to eat healthy where ever your destination.
Tip 1: Always Go Local – Avoid the tourist supermarkets and big box stores. Instead, head to the local market!
The tourist supermarkets are easy and convenient but they also come with a higher price tag. The local supermarkets are less expensive and grant you the taste experiences and culture of the area. For the same price as a weeks’ worth of meals at the tourist supermarket, you can buy three weeks’ worth of meals from the local supermarket. The best part? Every item you purchase from the local supermarket will be a unique flavor for half the cost of eating out.
A dish from a local supermarket is fresh and can save you tons of money and improve your health.
How do you keep your energy up while traveling?
Basic ingredients and proper portioning go a long way. When you have free time stock up on your favorite fruits, veggies, and maybe try a new local ingredient. For example, Nika’s go to foods are tomatoes, bananas, rice, beans, yogurt, milk, and cornflakes. Green vegetables, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and paprika powder are also great additions to your local shopping list.
We’re not saying to stay inside every night and cook, a vacation should be relaxing and fun.  Our method of local food shopping reduces your dependence on food solely from restaurants, and fast food chains.
Tip 2: Look for small local shops -these hidden gems are often only known to locals.
At times you will find yourself unable to cook – either due to lack of time or just vacation laziness. Remember… there is always a healthy alternative.
Street Food
You could go to a fancy and expensive restaurant, but then you’d miss out on the best food in the area: street food. The hidden little local gems can often look run-down. Don’t immediately dismiss the place on appearance alone. To find the diamonds in the rough, look for the highest number of locals in one restaurant. A restaurant with good food almost always has a high number of customers, even if they are a small business.
Coffee Shops & Local Fruits
Tip 3: You don’t always have to buy sugary cake in a coffee shop.
This tip is for anyone with a sweet tooth. Say you often travel for work and you like new inspirational views to accompany your workload. A nearby coffee shop is sure to have a delicious local pastry to go with your cup of coffee and the price makes this suggestion hard to argue.
Eating seasonal fruits are a great way to load up on C vitamins, ADEK, potassium, manganese, minerals, and fiber. These vitamins and minerals are found in bananas, apples, oranges, kiwi, and honey melon. They pair nicely with a cup of yogurt or stored for a future smoothie. Hunger should be the least of your concerns.
Breakfast & Snacks
Tip 4: Overnight Oatmeal is a great breakfast boost!
Looking for a breakfast to fuel your adventure? Try oatmeal (1 cup) with (1/2-1 cup) of warm milk or water. Add some fruit, sunflower seeds, or berries if available. Next, put 2 teaspoons of honey along with the other ingredients into a mason jar. Seal it tight and refrigerate. By the time you wake up, your breakfast is ready and so are you for your adventure ahead.
Tip 5: Bring a bag of cumin or sunflower seeds with you to help keep your energy just as high as your ambitions.
The munchies are real and there’s no denying them. For the times when you just have to munch on something, cumin or sunflower seeds should be high on your list. Why? Cumin reduces cravings and suppresses thought induced hunger. Sunflowers are rich in Vitamin E, B1, and copper. Both options give you a boost that unhealthy food does not. 
New Friends
Tip 6: Eat together with locals or new friends. If your new friends are local, they’ll know of great tasting places even the guidebooks won’t know about.
While on your adventure you’ll likely make new friends. This comes with the unique benefits of being invited to eat in new and interesting places or at the very least be made aware of the diamonds in the rough locally. Sharing a meal with new friends reduces the cost of the meal and you get to experience local culture as a small part of it. This sense of belonging means you’ll never travel alone, not to mention the fantastic experience of local cuisine.
We hope you found our tips helpful and that your next adventure is easier, healthier, and more fun!
Bon voyage!