FTH offers careers not jobs

Having a job is necessary to create stability in our lives, but recent studies highlight that people want more than just money with their jobs – they want meaning. They want to feel that the role they are performing is significant and for those of us who are ambitious, we want to find a step towards something bigger, better. We are all looking for our dream company and the ability to achieve our goals. The question we all have to answer is where do we belong and how do we get there?

Jobs Vs Careers
What is the difference between a job and a career? Purpose. A job might pay the bills, but it doesn’t fill out your life or resume. On the other hand, a career is a series of jobs with purpose, furthering your professional development by giving you new skills and knowledge. Your career often reflects study interest but is ultimately the fuel for your professional life.


Food To Heal Careers
Food to Heal is a company that was created, to care for your mind, body, and give you the right food to take your life to the next level. We support each team member with their drive both in our company and outside our company.
Why do we do this? Simply put, we’re ambitious. Our company vision is to change the way people view healthy meals and improve their lifestyle. With less time spent choosing, preparing, and shopping for healthy food, people will have more time for the things that matter most. Our team is diverse, passionate, and united in a common goal – to help people reach their health and work goals. Let Food To Heal relieve some of your daily burdens and enjoy the benefits of good health.  


Professional Development
When your team members see and feel the difference in professional development, their confidence and motivation will increase producing better quality work and overall happiness. Our main focus is to make a positive impact on the community, to change the way the world sees and consumes healthy food.
We understand that a career for some means moving up the ladder. For others, they visualize a career as interconnecting interests and skills. With Food To Heal, you can choose either path and we want to help get you there.
No matter where your path starts, with real support and motivation you are sure to excel. We take all aspects of life into consideration such as allergies, specific diets, and tastes preferences. We provide 7 delicious meal choices, sautéing benefits into every meal. Let Food To Heal support your next professional leap forward, we’d be happy to assist. 😊