Overview of Executive Functions

What are executive functions and why do they matter?

Executive functions are mental skills that help you get things done (i.e. sleep, memory, focus, energy, mood & awareness). The concept, though simple, affects every aspect of our daily lives. This means that if one of our essential executive functions is lagging, your normal workload becomes that much harder to accomplish. The difference is like walking to work on a flat surface every day only to wake up one morning to find you need to scale a hill. Imbalances tend to compound when we don’t have the time to fix them, making the hill into a mountain.

Executive Function Breakdown

Sleep and energy are two of the most vital executive functions. We all know that If we don’t get a good night's rest the next day is sure to be challenging. Our sleep is affected by our day and if our day starts out challenging due to lack of sleep, the rest of your workload becomes an uphill struggle. Our energy levels are tied to our sleep and food intake as well as many other daily factors. Our food is scientifically designed to give you better rest and more energy to start your day. The good news is that a properly balanced mind and body compounds daily, just like the imbalances, making it possible to improve your overall well-being every day.

An often understated executive function is your mood. They dictate how efficiently and effectively we work. We may not be able to help with all the obstacles in your day but we can improve your mood with one of our meals! Many things in life are out of our control, why not invest in your overall wellbeing? Our meals are specially designed to give you energy and fulfill your mental and nutritional needs. This means that over time, you will feel yourself become more energetic and focused. The renewed energy makes you feel happier with each meal. An improved mood means feeling calm & content more often. This allows you to work more efficiently, as well as giving you more time to unwind with friends & family.
Memory and focus are also key executive functions. The ability to recall what we’ve learned, our tasks at hand, and staying focused can determine how far we go in life. So how do we use all of these executive functions to our benefit? While the process of matching nutrition to your personal needs for both body and mind is lengthy, we take the time to make each dish exactly what you need. Each meal is flavorful, satisfying and full of nutrients.

Food To Heal Executive Functions

Essentially, our executive functions and other factors, such as our accomplishments, stress, goals, and dreams, combine into our general wellness state. In this modern world where we barely remember what we had for breakfast, let alone think of tomorrows’ meals, available time is non-existent.

How do we best avoid imbalances? A consistent dedication to your health through meal selection is a great start. Let Food To Heal optimize your executive functions through lunch. Daily stress may impact your overall wellness but your lunch doesn't have to be one of the obstacles in your path, instead let your lunch launch you up the latter of success and wellness.